Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mike Doughty Concert

Super fun concert. Kelly Buchanan is the chick who opened for him.... Not so great. She was okay, but nothing about her style really stood out as distinct. Not to mention that EVERY song was a break up song. I don't like when people just sing about love. There is so much more to life than relationships. no wonder she's been dumped so many times she probably wraps herself completely up in these guys and is crazy possessive. Hopefully she never reads this blog and writes a song about me. I would just fart in her general direction. She was cute though. She had a cute little personality. I'd rather listen to her talk to the crowd than listen to her sing a song about some guy. She sounded a lot like Julianna Hatfield and a bit like Abra Moore. I don't know if ANYONE knows who those singers are.

M. Doughty was really great in concert. His voice is so odd and kind of harsh, so it's nice to have a personality and face to put to the voice. It makes it more humanistic to hear his music. He's a lot cuter than I expected him to be. In my mind I put him in the same genre as Douglas Coupland, even though Doug is a writer and artist. They remind me of each other. Similar energies. Or they envoke similar energies.
M.Doughty is really funny. He has a lot charisma on stage. It was really fun to listen to him. He made up random songs on stage... that was fun. he dropped his really awesome guitar. The whole crowd came over with a slew of "huuuuuuuuh!". My bro, Justin, got it on video. It looks totally rad.

It was a great time. Good family bonding time with my brothers and sister in law.

If you are interested in M. Doughty go to He has a blog on there too. Good stuff.


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