Friday, April 29, 2005

My Favorite Cars:

1- Mazda 3
2- Saab 92X Aero
3- Hyundai Santa Fe
4- BMW 325i Sports Wagon
5- Toyota Echo
6- Hyundai Elantra
7- Toyota Matrix
8- BMW M3 Coupe
9- Saturn Vue
10- Subaru Outback 2.5 XT Wagon

These are all cars I would love to own and cruise around in. I can not afford any of them, but I can drool to my hearts content.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Ten Best Recording Artists of the 1990's: (Not in any particular order)

* Salt 'n Peppa

* Ace of Base

* Nirvana

* The Cranberries

* Rusted Root

* Crash Test Dummies

* Live


* Ricky Martin

* Alanis Morisette

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Breakfast Foods

1: Bacon- Oh the scrumptious goodness of bacon. It's greasy, fattening and the taste stays with you for at least an hour.

2: Coffee- You have to have coffee in the morning. Even if it's decaf you need the flavor to dance across your taste buds.

3: Bagel with cream cheese- A little carbs, a little dairy. Good combo. I like pumpernickel bagels and tomato basil.

4: Waffles: Good if there's time to make them. Freezer waffles dipped in vanilla yogurt is delectable.

5: Pancakes or french toast drizzled in strawberries are good. I also like to put brown sugar and karo syrup on top of the brown sugar to make a carmelized treat. This is enough to send anyone into a diabetic coma!

Orange juice gives me a tummy ache in the morning. Apple juice make my back hurt (I don't know why!). I'm not a huge fan of cold cereal and milk. Just fruit doesn't fill me up. I hate eating donuts for breakfast, because they are too sweet. too much like a dessert.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Bodily Functions

1. Orgasming--> Duh!

2. Bowel Movements-->and a very very close second! Proud accomplishments.

3. Drinking water--> Indeed this is a bodily function, because our bodies need water and when we shower our innards with agua a heavenly glow comes upon us.

4. Sneezing-->I heard that if you sneeze ten times in a row it's like orgasming. Hmmm... Anyone have a feather so I can tickle my nose?

5. Burping-->Those really resonating, deep bass ones feel so awesome. It's even more satisfactory when you get a whole crowd of people to stare at you.

6. Peeing-->After holding it in for a long time it feels awesome to free yourself of the burden of all that uric acid!

7. Farting-->The release of all that gas feels great unless the fart has some juicy friends! That's trouble.

8. Peristalsis--> Fun to say and cool to feel. This is involuntary muscle movement. Say you drink a glass of water and then flip yourself upside down it still flows into your tummy, because the muscles in your esophogus push it down regardless of what you decide. Feels cool.

9. Twitchs--> Who knows the reason for them? I don't really know why, but sometimes certain parts of my body will just twitch. Parkinsons??? I think not. They can be fun. Like when your eyes won't stop twitching and you look like a crazy person!

10. Drooling--> I always drool when I take a nap. Don't know why. I don't drool when I sleep otherwise. Do, watch out if I'm ever at your house and want to take a nap and your favorite shirt is on the couch!!! Oh dear!

I HATE coughing. It's annoying. Sometimes I feel like I just choke on air. It's the most annoying function. I hate when someone won't stop coughing at movies or in classes. Grrr... I get mad.
I also HATE ear wax. It just gets in the way. I don't know why it occurs? Is it to protect all of the ear membranes and the ear drum?? It's the grossest color and tastes bad, not like boogers, which are deliciously salty!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sin City

I saw Sin City tonight.

Out of 10 stars I'd give it 8.5

Cinematography was amazing. Black and white, but with small hints of color. Dramatic. Pretty gorey, but since it looked pretty much like a comic strip it was fairly easy to stomach. There was only one scene that I had to look away during. It's filled with crazy, hot women with guns, strange narrations reminiscent of old detective films, and revenge.

Go see it! It's satisfactory... Better than satisfactory.

A Review of Cheese:

1) Colby-kind of tart, but tangy as well. Very good with crackers.

2)Goat cheese is extra special. I don't know if I can even categorize it as cheese.

3)Dill Havarti-Dill in anything is pretty good. I do like it surrounded by havarti and on a nice sesame cracker.

4)Munster-It has a great name, fun to say, and is nice and squigy.

5)Provolone-delicious on sandwiches.

6)Mozzarella-good for stuffed crust pizzas and string cheese. I love string cheese. It's wonderfully portable.

7)Brie-Soft, tangy, smooth... pure ecstacy.

8)Feta-A good topping for salads, pastas, etc.

9)Romano, Asiago, and Parmesan mixture-good for topping off pastas, especially with red sauces.

10)Cheddar-I like medium cheddar. Good for chips and cheese. Ooey Gooey.

Cheeses I don't like: Pepper Jack, Blue cheese, and American.